Pre-Jury I

Using our analysis, we decided to take our design strategy from threshold part that is between the two industrial areas. Firstly, we made analysis in the threshold part. We focused on the usage time of spaces and use of time by people using these spaces. As a result, we separated threshold two part. First one is very ordered than the second part. Moreover, there is no flow to our site. Therefore, we want to take people to our site while using workshops and activities. To create spaces we will use ‘unit’ that meet just sleeping activity of peoples. We will copy, rotate and multiplication of this unit and continue the project.

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Mapping IV-V



Stage IVSalient Design (1)

Salient Design (7)

Salient Design (8)
Stage IV 


After three analyzes, we are trying to create a strategy at this stage, and we will develop how we can apply our analysis to the site and housing project and analyze it in detail. In Ostim we have identified a different organization, particular territories to understand the land use pattern and its borders. For detail of threshold, we took 10 sections from the end of the threshold to the site. In fact, our project is about the duration of the occupancy, we have achieved this based on human rhythm in the threshold model. For example, Ostim’s Techno Park has the same rhythm per a day, but the industry only has a rhythmic human movement during working hours. As a result, there are random rhythms in residential and industrial facilities, but the threshold is more rhythmic and hybrid. After all our analyze finally we obtained a problem. We thought the problem is the there is no certain rhythm on the site and we want to create a hybrid rhythm which superimposed by the two different rhythms of the threshold. So the threshold has a rhythmic activity, but the human activity is monotonous on the site, then we separated threshold two parts. The second threshold has more mixer order. For this reason, the solution to this problem is the third threshold on the continent and this threshold should regulate the other thresholds.

Salient Design.03.11.2017 (1)Salient Design.03.11.2017 (2)Salient Design.03.11.2017 (3)

Salient Design.03.11.2017 (4)
Stage V








Mapping I-II-III

In this stage, we tried to show our analysis with mapping exercise. We focus on the green areas because they have some borders that exist in different ways such as topography, roads… In addition, we showed the bus roads and what there are near the site.

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Stage II

This time we tried to show our site from macro map to detailed map. On the other hand, we gave a name to space that is between two industrial area the ‘threshold’ part. This part includes many different activities.


Stage III


We detailed focused on the threshold and we analyzed what there are in the threshold part. Moreover, we focus on the duration but we analyze duration in terms of human activity.