Prejury I

We are working on On This Earth project in this semester. First jury of this project was the key point of evolution of project so it was very important and we worked very hard actually. Firstly I wanted to talk about my project and design ideas. My strategy is framing and blocking the vista for this purpose I created a orientation pattern which contains possible alternatives. So in general sense, orientation creates different visual experiences inside the spaces or between the spaces.


My overall organization is not working with idea of orientation pattern. I could not achieve this property like in orientation diagram. Also, two space in higher levels they are so lonely and actually it is not part of the orientation which is very problematic because in this design there should not be seperated spaces. Additionally the orientation must  start in the higher levels so it is also important critique in the jury. So I will focus on topographical properties which will help me to develop new relations about the overall organization and overall orientation pattern 

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 These are my ideas about orientation in general sense and specific situtations. However, in the prejury about my orientation pattern is not actually pattern because pattern is something is often done or repeated like behaviour or attitude. Actually mine is combination of very complex alternatives so it is not pattern. So I recently worked on this issue and my initial design about orientation pattern, something is much more similar and containing the initial’s relations and, I think this orientation pattern is still useful and I formed it in basic and working manner.

Critiques about my design applications is very useful for me because I had some doubts about certain things which were all discussed at the jury. Mainly form of spaces and ramps are very problematic and becoming a composition of tails.

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The Initial Generic Space

My initial generic space is main focus now after critiques in prejury. Of course there are some issues which needs attention. My main problem about this space is the accessing openings becomes the main frame in the space. So I should work on it, I will probably create a special form for accessing openings. Also as general sense, the spaces must work with the topography as well so it is another issue of my design.

 About my visual and oral presentation was probably bad because I was very tired and forget many things in the jury and, also general orientation pattern diagram was very confusing for prejury too.

Generally, I took very important critiques and I know specific points which I work on very hard and try to discover new things.


About ORIENTATION Strategy

We are working on a certain strategy which will govern all process and I am trying to discover some new stuff that to add my composition. In this strategy trial, I worked on Oritentation and Time Sense. As a general sense, with some orientations occur certain path to where sky and land meet and, in Salt Lake time sense is loosing somehow. So, I created a combination of interval marks and attraction points which I called Zero Point because this zero points are in the same distance that a solution of time sense. Also Zero Points acts like a shelter for the light and wind. About Orientation, spaces are creating a certain path which leading to people the illusion of light. So spaces and zero points are leading to movement. 1Zero Point is basically a horizontal which blocks the main wind from East side. Also the horizontal element creates a shadow for sun issue. So zero point works as an interval marks and attraction space.


Additionally zero points create a path for the orientation.


Spaces are major key for orientation actually but zero points are supporting that issue also.

3In certain distance, zero points are working as a main factor for orientation.

Also, we had some ideas about entrance point which related with sense of height. Road is in upper level and there is a smooth passage to the entrance. So I wanted to create a sharp passage which I called as a transition part. In the transition parts, spaces are creating the orientation also. My general attitude about the entrance and road, is creating a transition which gives the sense of lower level, in the same level Salt Lake. So I want to enrich that experience with creating diversity.



Struggling with STRATEGY

I recently worked on strategy issue for our project. These are my initals thought about strategy.

TIME SENSE: Salt Lake is endless horizontal so you cannot understand the time through walking for only one direction which is reference point. In my opinion loosing the time perception is a strenght thing and I want to enrich that information. Therefore adding some new reference points could be key for this issue.




ISOLATION: Isolation is feelings of lonely, too small and lost. In my opinion is a good thing because city live is crowded that you do not have those feelings so isolation is a positive thing. In the road part and transition part, there are many obstacles that blocks the isolation. Therefore if I change the level of obstacle in the transition part, salt lake part will be very obivious. As a grafting, I thought that create some paths which people follows increase the number of people in the particular area that increase the obstacle level.


isolation2Obstacles level in reality; smooth transition between transition part and Salt Lake

isolation3Increasing the level of obstacles; sharp transition between transition part and Salt Lake

isolation5The path in transition part which help the increase level of obstacle in that part.


SKY: Sky is very dominant in the Salt Lake but in there I did not realize that in field. Actually I just focused on salt lake eternal space part so I want to enrich the experience of sky. Therefore I want to create a space in the entrance part like a tunnel, that enclosure might enrich the experience of sky.






Catalogue of Diagrams II

Balcony – ish: level differences and light create two different space in same space. Also space has visual relation with outside which creates balcony -ish.

Dominant Visual Opening: Topographical properties of space creates a dominant space whic has visual and accessing relation two sides of valley.

Light: To control the light condition of the space, texture uses an architectural element.light

Threshold: Threshold examples such as can be in outside relation or inside relation.In first diagram two spaces connect each other with threshold space and, the second one threshold space works semi outside space.



Movement: For the suitable movement of human, there are some certain conditions. Too slope sides are not easy to walk.



Here is the link of catalogue diagram I :

Openings Composition II 

In this composition, main concern is different openings which creates different spatial relations. For example in the specific location, a visual opening reacts as a accessing opening like windowish. Or a space between two big box space like a topographical features, creates a path which has relation with another accessing opening. Therefore a path reacts as transition space. Additionally height differences between spaces used as a architectural element and relations with some visual opening which reacts as a accessing opening and, this is also doorish,windowish in my opinion. Or in the two specific spaces, a mass and visual openings creates two sub-spaces in the single space.

Composition of Openings

In this stage of project, we analysed some spatial relations in the field trip, created a composition about one specific spatial condition. Actually my design based on openings relations but there are some additional spatial relations which occured by the relations of openings.

Diagramatic drwaing about communal spaces in the composition.

Representations of visual relations.

Threshold diagramatic drawing


relation between texture,opening and light