Proposal IV

Stage IV: Discovering The Site

Rethinking of what if question generated that new question: ‘What if Kaufmann House designed by Tadao Ando in Koshino House’s site?’. Therefore I tried to adopt the Koshino House’s site into my own design. Koshino House’s site is in the urban context which settled in a residential area and also it is very green zone as well because it is on the edge of the forest.

The Koshino House's Site
The Koshino House’s Site

The site in my design has same qualities with Koshino House and also there are new inputs like a residential area followed across the street by the apartments buildings 3-4 stories height. On the north site of the field, the structure meets with a high density of people but on the south side of it meets with forest. The structure reacts differently those two different conditions. There is a similar contrast between West and East as well. On the East side, there is another residential building which separated by natural elements. On the west side of the field, the structure meets with entertainment area with cafes and bars. Therefore, I created a generic wall which controls the four site of the building and creates different relations with each other. The Generic wall is referring to Tadao Ando’s wall articulations. In detail, in the Koshino House and House in Utsubo are about the light and Invisible House is about the field structure relation. Also, the relation between structure and nature I tried to attain same quality with Koshino House. Therefore I tried to emplace to the green zone inside the structure and to design like ” the whole building works as a device that systematically draws ‘nature’ inside”. 

Site Plan


Plan 1/100
Plan 1/100




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