Architectural Survey

The need for architectural survey derives from the desire to identify the significant physical elements of our past in order that may be preserved and protected for future generations.

There are 4 major step in the architectural survey:

  • Establishing the purpose for the survey
  • Conducting research
  •  Undertaking fieldwork
  • Preparing a written report

As a simplistic definition of architectural survey is the action of drawing and measuring a building to analyze its characteristic.

We recently studied on architectural survey. Our campus was our field and we did split different groups for the different locations. We as a group of 8, expected plan, elevation and two sections so we decided to share the workload. I worked on plan drawing with my two friends. As a beginning,  there was a lecture hour for the how we measure properly without new technology. The most important thing is using u-tube properly because every other measurement depends on it. So we started to define zero height or one-meter height points. After that major step, we used cross measurement which is basically verifying the single points at least two other points so that the point defined by others two different points. The circles were very confusing in the first place but after several tries, we created different groups for different points.

 planI know it is very complicated but in the program of AutoCAD it is very easy to understand which point defined by circles and which do not have that identification. This is my part of the plan actually.


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