Recently, I am pretty curious about the cars and it is not just about driving a car, it is more like about the technological stuff, engines, security improvements and design as well. I discovered a lovely a website about the evolution of Seat Ibiza model and want to share with you.

They start with the first Ibıza model in 1984 and give some information about the engine but I do not want to talk about the numbers. The special thing is they link the Ibiza models with popular music, movie and technological stuff in that time.

I want to you with my selections of that list and show the evolution of Ibiza.

1st Generation Ibiza – 1984/1992  

”Thriller”, Michael Jackson (1984) — Back to the Future (1985) — Apple the first computer

2nd Generation Ibiza – 1993/2001

”Don’t look at back in anger”, Oasis (1996) — Pulp Fiction (1994) — Doly the first cloned sheep

3rd Generation Ibiza – 2002/2007 

”Harder to Breathe”, Maroon 5 (2003) — The Pirates of Caribbean (2003) — Apple the first İphone

My personal favourite is 3rd generation Ibiza because it is the car for using inner-city and also the design  is especially the interior design is the beginning of the present day design. (I hope get one 3rd generation Ibiza in my education life- Daddy please hear me!!!)

4th Generation Ibiza – 2008-2012 

”Sex on Fire”, Kings of Leon (2008) — The Dark Knight (2008) — NASA’s Lcross mission found water on Moon

If you want to look at Seat official website about the evolution of Ibiza:

I want to finish my post  with an old model Chevrolet Impala

”The most important car in the universe”

Photos taken by :




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