Ender’s Game


I am very much enjoying reading and watching science fiction. Actually, I am kind of cinema boy that’s why I watched Ender’s Game in the cinema in 2013. Orson Scott Card is the creator of Ender’s Game series. He is an American novelist, critic, public speaker and columnist. He won the Hugo and Nebula Awards with Ender’s Game. Series contains six books with starting with Ender’s Game. The fiction is about survival wars between humans and insects. Ender Andrew is a boy only 11 years old and he is at academy of military. First War between humans and insects, was very devastating so human kind wanted to prepare next wave. They develop a new program about to raise a leader against alien insects. Andrew Ender is the one who will save the world. I am starting to read first book of the series. Additionally, the movie reached 6,7 over 10 in International Movie Database, some critic users did not like it but in my opinion it is not about the scenario.

Here is trailer of Ender’s Game movie : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1731141/

Do not do it kid!!!

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