About ORIENTATION Strategy

We are working on a certain strategy which will govern all process and I am trying to discover some new stuff that to add my composition. In this strategy trial, I worked on Oritentation and Time Sense. As a general sense, with some orientations occur certain path to where sky and land meet and, in Salt Lake time sense is loosing somehow. So, I created a combination of interval marks and attraction points which I called Zero Point because this zero points are in the same distance that a solution of time sense. Also Zero Points acts like a shelter for the light and wind. About Orientation, spaces are creating a certain path which leading to people the illusion of light. So spaces and zero points are leading to movement. 1Zero Point is basically a horizontal which blocks the main wind from East side. Also the horizontal element creates a shadow for sun issue. So zero point works as an interval marks and attraction space.


Additionally zero points create a path for the orientation.


Spaces are major key for orientation actually but zero points are supporting that issue also.

3In certain distance, zero points are working as a main factor for orientation.

Also, we had some ideas about entrance point which related with sense of height. Road is in upper level and there is a smooth passage to the entrance. So I wanted to create a sharp passage which I called as a transition part. In the transition parts, spaces are creating the orientation also. My general attitude about the entrance and road, is creating a transition which gives the sense of lower level, in the same level Salt Lake. So I want to enrich that experience with creating diversity.




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