Struggling with STRATEGY

I recently worked on strategy issue for our project. These are my initals thought about strategy.

TIME SENSE: Salt Lake is endless horizontal so you cannot understand the time through walking for only one direction which is reference point. In my opinion loosing the time perception is a strenght thing and I want to enrich that information. Therefore adding some new reference points could be key for this issue.




ISOLATION: Isolation is feelings of lonely, too small and lost. In my opinion is a good thing because city live is crowded that you do not have those feelings so isolation is a positive thing. In the road part and transition part, there are many obstacles that blocks the isolation. Therefore if I change the level of obstacle in the transition part, salt lake part will be very obivious. As a grafting, I thought that create some paths which people follows increase the number of people in the particular area that increase the obstacle level.


isolation2Obstacles level in reality; smooth transition between transition part and Salt Lake

isolation3Increasing the level of obstacles; sharp transition between transition part and Salt Lake

isolation5The path in transition part which help the increase level of obstacle in that part.


SKY: Sky is very dominant in the Salt Lake but in there I did not realize that in field. Actually I just focused on salt lake eternal space part so I want to enrich the experience of sky. Therefore I want to create a space in the entrance part like a tunnel, that enclosure might enrich the experience of sky.







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