Poetically Man Dwells by Martin Heidegger

At this staje of our project, we have to initiate our design strategy so I read an article Poetically Man Dwells by Heidegger. First of all Martin Heidegger(26 September 1889-26 May 1976) was a Philosopher who one of most original and important philosopher of 20th century. His contributions of Phenomenology and Existentialism was very valuable and, his first and best known book ”Being and Time” is one of the central philosophical works of the 20th century.

”In lovely blue…” was written by Friedrich Holderlin. Heidegger article based on this poem and he is processing the topic under this poem. Definition of dwelling according to Heidegger, it is not related only houses or buildings, has a relation with poetic. He thinks that poetic thinker does not eliminate the enivorenment factor in fact they locate themself in muck and, explain his ideas with the term of measure which have strong relation with earth and sky. So, dwelling of man determine by earth and sky and measured out.

If you interest Heidegger’s article here is link: http://timothyquigley.net/cont/heidegger-pmd.pdf

Holderlin’s ‘In lovely blue…’ poem link: http://timothyquigley.net/cont/holderlin-blue.pdf


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