Amenhotep IV

cairo egyptian museum-colossus of amenhotep IV-A-JE49528

Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of 18th dynasty. The younger son of Amenhotep III, his reign was between 1353-1336BCE or 1351-1334BCE. He ruled 17 years. His queens were Nefertiti and Kiya in chronological order. Also known as a Akhenaten, ”Effective for Aten”.

According to Egyptian Ministiry for early reign of Amenhotep IV or last period of Amenhotep III, father and son shared power to rule for at least 8 years but it still controversial topic.

In the fifth year of his reign, he did abandon the Egyptian traditional polytheism and into-roduced a new workships centeren on the god Aten. Atenism described as a monolatristic religion like monotheistic. Also he offficaly changed his name to Akhenaten and constructed to a new capital fo honour of Atenm. On the day 8, month 8, in the fifth year of his reign, Akhenaten arrivied at site of new city where we known as Amarna location.

A short period of Akhenaten, art was markedly different from other Egyptian arts. Representations were naturalistic, especially members of royal family were extremenly stylized with elongated heads, protruding stomachs, heavy tips, thin arms and legs and exaggerated facial features. Also, the king was very tall and fat in the representations. Additionally, rather than usual traditional event representations, in this period actions of royal family could be depicted such as eating, kissing with his wife, meeting etc. such those activities represented in the way very naturalistic.

Tutankaten was became a pharaoh who was son of Akhenaten and queen Kiya. In second year of his regin, he offically changed name to Tutankamun and abandoned the his father new capital and, amun religious was back in this period also priest of amun did back in to power. Horembeb the pharaoh deleted all trace of Akhenaten and Atenism and excised of list of pharaoh. Therefore we did not know anything about Akhenaten until the discovery in the 19th century of the site of Amarna.


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