We are working on topography issue and trying to understand what changes occur with different topographies. As a group generally we wanted to protect main relations with previous models but also wanted to give some information about topography which represents by layers. So as a result topography and visuality has certain relation.

2As an example, the number one person has visual relation with second and third person but there is no connection between 2 and 3 because of topography.

1-1Also, there is obstruction in particular area which blocks visual relation. The first person is focusing only climbing issue and does not has a clear relation with any of those. The second is clearly the dominant one and the experience of visual manner is the highest. The forth one and third one have same visual experience but only between each other. 3-1Additionally, this is another issue actually, they have visualy connect each other through out the obstruction but also there is certain block which they can reach other physically. However lower space is working opposite way, they can reach other but they would no visual connection.


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