Human Experience

We started to analyse a certain location which including Erimtan Museum, worked as a group. In the first place, we tried to understand what will going to do (which is quite normal) and after quick discussion, we tried to constrate changes of experience. As a general manner assignment wanted to analyse horizontal surfaces that relate to human experience of the space. Actually, we did not examine pieces, we stuided spatial relations which related with human scale. Our main idea of first model is dominancy of changes in experience. With certain level of abstraction, we considered to main parts of museum and Washington Cafe location. We wanted to categorized similar spaces in terms of changes in experience.

We used thickness to emphasize to dominancy of spaces. Additionally, we wanted to keep similar space proportion witch each other for not losing too many information and tried to keep abstraction a certain level. Also we expressed the model with kind of section drawing of model.


Next step of our first assignment is a much more uniserval, expected to focus on experiences which have gained in the first step and make possible variations but actually we could not exactly get rid of particular spaces. However, the abstraction level is much more higher and we tried to concrate different properties which is the experience according to number of people experiencing. As a manner,  we used thickness as a main element to express the dominancy of that particular space. Also void is another key element for this model, purpose of those voids are like particular spaces which we have to wait such as ticket place, store or doors. Actually we wanted to abstract like similar function.

We wanted to produce another example which is many types of experiences in that certain locations. So we wanted to create a model which should not be belong specific space. Therefore, we abstracted to space in Erimtan Museum and used another technique to express the idea which is putting different elements together. So if there is much more element, the number of different element decrease.


There is a staircase issue sut in my opinion we did not focus on that project so, there is simple physcial model of stair ( which is not exactly correct), I do not want to put on it.


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