Flatland by the author A SQUARE

a-squareFlatland:  A Romance of Many Dimensions published in 1884 and the author of book is Edwin A. Abbot. Actually I just started to read book and I can say that it is quite interesting and perspective of the book is so different also it is exactly true facts. Imagine a world which is two-dimensional that’s why called Flatland. Also there is a hierarcial order in Flatland for example triangles are soldier , circles are politician. And our hero is a square. It is very difficult to understand the shapes without touching(touching is dangerous also). Womens are only lines like needle and our hero is explaning their invisibility actually it is a simple geometry rule. I like the two dimensional world and our hero very much but I could not read all of it and also some of the points were missed because of language. So, firstly I want to read translated Turkish first and than original one. There are many publishing houses and many translations.

Sola publishing house: Düzdünya translated by Şermin Çetin

The popular one is Düzlemler Ülkesi translated and published by İş Bankası Publishing House

Also there is movie about the book which is Flatland: The Movie, I watched a little bit and I think it is quite good.


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