The stragery of Growth

The most important step in the SEED/FIELD Project is defining a stragery of growth which should govern all the process. In the begining, we produced a Seed which is all about the creating and defines spaces of course in particular manner. And, also we have a field which produced by using Field Trip information different two different location. Next step was the injection part, seed injected in to the field’s certaşn location which decided by authors. And than there might be some interaction and adaptations between Seed and Field. We worked on this injection step and tried to define spaces using with field and seed elements. And there is the step which is the stragery of growth. For the certain stragery we analysed the information field which have two layers that contains information certain manner. Therefore, I analysed the field with using section drawing of my field.

inital stragery of growth   This drawing sheet shows many information about the my field. Firstly, section drawing shows that from the left to right, top and bottom layer has own information until the core part. They contains the their own informations but there are not certain interactions between layers actually they barerly know each other. However, flat part which is the information of the core part changing the situtaion opposite way. There are many interactions, some of parts layers cannot differentiate one to another, they have been murged. And than there is core part again end of the field which is quite normal because the things is working with opposite way to left to right. Basically we can understand the not murged part from top view of the top layer because informations are not different than the other layer.

So, I decided on a growth stragery which was using the core parts of field because we wanted to use those interactions and adapting those relations with seed and field. Therefore, I did multiple the seed with using similar relations and spatial conditions. Basically I did not change the genetic code of Seed, I just created one of varitaion of the seed, seed1 and seed2 are more likely brothers each other rather than father and son. Finally, major aim was using the murged part’s relations and adapt itself with seed and field.


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