Recently, Adopting is one of the popular word in the TEDU studio. We have project S/F which is coming to end. S/F means Seed and Field and after the injection of the Seed in certain location, there might be interaction between Seed and Field but I did not do it properly actually. There was a problem which was all the interactions and adaptations depends on Seed and there were always field changing own information according to Seed. So, I decided to analyse those relattions and find out some specific solutions for lack of adaptation condition. I drew an expressive axonometric drawing and I started with first S/F model and the recent one which included a new concept ‘The growth stragery’.

expressive axo seed1 inital

Hatched planes shows the there is a relation between the field elements. Field elements are generally purple colour but that purple colur defines adaptation in that location which means orginally field elements do not have any kind of information similar with those but there are some interaction with the seed therefore field elements in that particular area changed the movements according to the seed.

However, those relations and interactions belongs the initial S/F model. We worked on growth stragery of the seed which including multiple. I decided on an specific stragery and did multiple the seed with using similar relations and tried to make a similar interactions and adaptation with the field. Basically, I did not change the genetic code Seed while multipling, I kept the main relations and major idea and with similar way I made a S/F model with a particular growth stragery. In this expressive drawing I did focus on same things with the first work but there is additionaly information here which is field elements have two different colours. Using two different colours has many potential also there are negative effective on communication. Rather than just differentiate field elements, I did consider the spatial relations with the seed. Of course it is not perceft drawing to expressive the idea of seed and field interaction but it was my baby step to understand all organization qualties.

intial model seed 2intial model seed 1



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