The stragery of Growth

The most important step in the SEED/FIELD Project is defining a stragery of growth which should govern all the process. In the begining, we produced a Seed which is all about the creating and defines spaces of course in particular manner. And, also we have a field which produced by using Field Trip information different two different location. Next step was the injection part, seed injected in to the field’s certaşn location which decided by authors. And than there might be some interaction and adaptations between Seed and Field. We worked on this injection step and tried to define spaces using with field and seed elements. And there is the step which is the stragery of growth. For the certain stragery we analysed the information field which have two layers that contains information certain manner. Therefore, I analysed the field with using section drawing of my field.

inital stragery of growth   This drawing sheet shows many information about the my field. Firstly, section drawing shows that from the left to right, top and bottom layer has own information until the core part. They contains the their own informations but there are not certain interactions between layers actually they barerly know each other. However, flat part which is the information of the core part changing the situtaion opposite way. There are many interactions, some of parts layers cannot differentiate one to another, they have been murged. And than there is core part again end of the field which is quite normal because the things is working with opposite way to left to right. Basically we can understand the not murged part from top view of the top layer because informations are not different than the other layer.

So, I decided on a growth stragery which was using the core parts of field because we wanted to use those interactions and adapting those relations with seed and field. Therefore, I did multiple the seed with using similar relations and spatial conditions. Basically I did not change the genetic code of Seed, I just created one of varitaion of the seed, seed1 and seed2 are more likely brothers each other rather than father and son. Finally, major aim was using the murged part’s relations and adapt itself with seed and field.



Recently, Adopting is one of the popular word in the TEDU studio. We have project S/F which is coming to end. S/F means Seed and Field and after the injection of the Seed in certain location, there might be interaction between Seed and Field but I did not do it properly actually. There was a problem which was all the interactions and adaptations depends on Seed and there were always field changing own information according to Seed. So, I decided to analyse those relattions and find out some specific solutions for lack of adaptation condition. I drew an expressive axonometric drawing and I started with first S/F model and the recent one which included a new concept ‘The growth stragery’.

expressive axo seed1 inital

Hatched planes shows the there is a relation between the field elements. Field elements are generally purple colour but that purple colur defines adaptation in that location which means orginally field elements do not have any kind of information similar with those but there are some interaction with the seed therefore field elements in that particular area changed the movements according to the seed.

However, those relations and interactions belongs the initial S/F model. We worked on growth stragery of the seed which including multiple. I decided on an specific stragery and did multiple the seed with using similar relations and tried to make a similar interactions and adaptation with the field. Basically, I did not change the genetic code Seed while multipling, I kept the main relations and major idea and with similar way I made a S/F model with a particular growth stragery. In this expressive drawing I did focus on same things with the first work but there is additionaly information here which is field elements have two different colours. Using two different colours has many potential also there are negative effective on communication. Rather than just differentiate field elements, I did consider the spatial relations with the seed. Of course it is not perceft drawing to expressive the idea of seed and field interaction but it was my baby step to understand all organization qualties.

intial model seed 2intial model seed 1


House in Lege by Lacaton and Vassal

midterm drawing Arch112

As a group we worked on Cap Ferret or House in Lege. We did search about house and architects of house which are Lacaton and Vassal, it was very enjoyable and a bit hard because this house built in 1998 in France so plans of the project are not so legible. Also as a group we produced abstraction model of this project, there will be posted soon. About the house and architects, there are much more infotmations and images in their offical web page. For more information click following url adress:


Recently, we have a project which is producing spaces in certain and specific manner and controling those spaces. Also we produced information maps about Ulus and Sakarya areas in Ankara and made a 3D model with using rhose informations which is called Field. Next step was injection of the seed through field. İmportant thing was which location decided by what information and what is the general stragery of located there. My field has two layers which contains information those specific areas in Ankara and also has two core which are flat parts for the injection I chose those core parts because cores has a certain function which generate and change the information and more importantly make some reactions between two layers. Firstly, I did inject the seed top layer’s core part and than seed and field are starting to change each other. This change as a definition basically means defines spaces and create new relations. Field’s element worked with seed’s elements and tried to defines spaces and create a whole orgization. However, the seed was not valid   as I expected for this injection because my seed has many spaces and there is no certain border in the spaces much more spaces in the space. Therefore the change must be very radical and also it should not change seed’s certain codes. I decided to create a new seed which can work with the field and adopt itself with the field. I changed dimensions and created certain voids for the connection. Than field element adopted itself with seed. This adoptation was all about the space, it should not be ornament, it should have certain function and produced by specific relation. In the this step main problem was field adopted itself with the seed, wanted to produce spaces and create new relations but in the end seed’s spaces only increase the percent of the well defined spaces.

Next step was much more difficult and much more complex than injection step. In this step, we decided a stragery of growth. Main issues were how the seed will extend or multiply itself in the field, how,where is the location, what is the overall stragery? So I decided a stragery which contains answers of those questions. I did multiply the seed but it is not like a copy-paste more likely chose a part and develop and, create a new seed with same code. Injection location was clearly had to be bottom core part. Afterall those decisions, with certain organization principles the seed and field adopted each other and create new spaces and new relations.

Here is initial seed and field which contains bottom and top layer together because one of the effects of the seed was murge the layers.

The other seed is not valuable for me as this one because initial seed spaces are much more clear and the code of this seed perceftly match witd my keyword ”integrity”.

Here is the other seed which is procuded accordingly stragery of growth and located bottom layer’s core part but as a reaction in the injection part, layers are not clear and we can not sense the which element belongs which layer basically layers murged.

Those seeds and fields parts actually was connected each other but dimensions too much for specific photos so I wanted to show partly. However, there is a part between two seed part which is in my responsibility, I did not produce clear stragery for this area.