It is all about ‘SPACE’

Recently, we worked on space definition which was baby steps for architecture student. We did consider spaces rather than plan relations, tried to define space and control those spaces. We had certain keywords as a concept which was occured by diagram’s work but of course there was a chance to change them or add new keywords for the seed. We produced ‘Seed’ with the corrugated cardboards. As a definiton of Seed is initial steps of producing spaces and the important is the seed should be relatively close with the keywords. There was a popular keywords which were directionality, the core, main and subspaces etc. In the first step of the Seed, my keyword was directionality.

Here is the initial stage of the Seed.

However, directionality is not a keyword which defines certain space definition and inevitable keyword actually for each model of Seed. That’s why I wanted to change ‘directionality’ to something much more relation with the space and occur some certain definitions for the space and, govern all process of producing Seed. So my keywords became ‘Inegrity’  which means a whole, cmpleted one thing etc. I used this definition and created many space whic had relation with the each other. This seed will upgrade itself and will settle certain location in the field.

The Seed- Integrity




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