METU Preparatory School Drawing

This drawing assignment was our final assignment for architectural communation technique course also, we worked on this in term of design decision and, we prepared a report which was including many information about the buildings. There are some revelant parts of report.


English Language Preparatory School of METU was completed in 2007. The architect of this project was Boran Ekinci who graduated from METU in 1987. Boran Ekinci was born in 1963 in Diyarbakır. He created his own studio and he is still working in İstanbul. METU AR-GE building, Şişli Town Hall building and Fethiye Marina are ones of the most popular and knowing projects in his unfinished career.  He won METU AR-GE competition, XI. National Architectural Awards, XIII. National Architectural Awards with Kızılağaç Houses and many others. Also he was giving to lecture in İstanbul Technique University, Yıldız Technique university and Bilgi University. The project was started in 2005 and finished in 2007 and client was Middle East Technique University Development Foundation.

Arch111 final drawing part2Arch111 final drawing part1



This is my 3D axonometric drawing and two side view which was included a whole composition. In my opinion, the hardest part in terms of techniques was windows because needs much more patient and conceration than the other parts. Also, we did not know anything about the buildings and we learned everything about the buildings such as story, techniqual drawings, architect etc. As a suggestion, if there is work which is a bit diffucult and complicated, should go to see the real building because it is much more useful rather than just looking drawings in the computer screen. There are some information about the METU Preparatory School in my report.

Firstly, about METU English Language Preparatory School buildings, my quick impression is about walls because the most striking thing is texture of walls. Texture is a very distinctive in this composition. Also walls is more different than ordinary walls because it is many function rather than only just to enclose a place. Rather than be same dimensions of enclosed area, in this composition, those walls are more longer and that’s gives a different expression of buildings. There are some opening parts or gaps on the walls in some places and those gaps are as a door and other parts just completing order with other design elements such as windows, texture and woods. In terms of functionality those parts have some specific functions and purposes such as function as a door (opening space) or just give a different expression about layering walls.Additionally, those gaps and longer walls are elements of heat insulation.

I want to compare METU Faculty of Architecture and METU English Language Preparatory School. Faculty of Architecture was completed in 1963 by Behruz Çiniçi. Faculty of Architecture buildings are in specific order and the author designed as a whole like a composition. Every building has own function but designer does not want to think as an individually buildings. That’s why METU Faculty of Architecture buildings are completing themselves and become a composition. METU English Language Preparatory School has similar attitude with Faculty Architecture. Both of them designed by as a composition, we cannot think building separately and also every building has own specific function in those compositions. Also both of them are using texture as a design element. Another comparision example is between METU AR-GE and METU English Language Preparatory School. Both of them are designed by Boran Ekinci. Two of them are different from each other in terms of structural design, design elements, transparency etc. Actually they have same design process but references attitudes are different from another and it makes them same idea but different approaches. AR-GE building is like a lighting and transparent box. However, Preparatory School is about creating controlled areas in the composition.




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