Bolu Saraycık Lake – Photography

There is a wonderful lake and nature located at Bolu Saraycık which is very near to Kartalkaya Spor Center at Bolu. This place has amazing view and one of the popular place in the Bolu but local people always come here for picnic or fishing as we did. Also, this is very quiet place to rest on. Here is my photographs which are taken by different weather condition.



This photo took in the summer sunny day about 7 a.m



There was a terrible raining after this lovely moment and we could not go to down town.


These photos has a story and it was a bit challening with nature and man. Those photos taken in first light of the morning at frozing cold.

I haven’t been in this place recenlty but I hope I want to go as soon as possible. There are many wonderful places at Bolu such as Bolu-Abant, Bolu-Gölcük, Bolu-Yedigöller National Park etc. As a suggestion you should go to Bolu/Turkey and see an take photographs of those amazing views.


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