PIN Architecture Competition

PIN Architecture is a monthly micro competition about specific topic. February’s topic was ‘The Permanent Form’ and I worked on it this project. The topic was actually interesting but also it was quite difficulut to expressive the idea of permanent form. So, the permanent form is basically the everything that is designed and built will eventually be destroyed some particular reasons but if there is no destruction and everything is permanent, what will happen? What happens when form becomes permanent? Competition deadline is over and there are 82 entries one of them is mine. Here is my collage about permanent form:

doğuş can kadıoğlu PINcollageFİNAL


Actually,  I am quite happy because I believe working with lines is very abstrac thing but in terms of expressive the idea, this collage is succesful of course in my opinion. In the collage, there are no certain order some parts of the lines and some parts is very clear strick order and, final parts combinitaion of those two parts.  I wanted to give the idea of some particular times and final part which is top of the collage is combination of those two permanent forms.

Check the other works of competition:!feb-2016/hp925


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