Field Trip – Mapping

This week was a wonderful because of Fiel Trip! We were expected to observe and study given two areas in Ankara and find and analyse spatial experinces which finally produce two keywords or couples in framed areas. The areas are near by Sakarya/Kızılay and Ulus. Firstly, as a group, we went Ulus because those area is quite important to produce some similar keywords with the other map. As a first impression Ulus is quite significant especially took good photos(it is irrevelant but perceft opportunity) and also there are certain texture and forms situation, to find a keyword was easy for me because I went there first time. I created similar zones with using rectangles and I used different colours to give impression those zones are quite different each other in terms of spatial sense but inside the zone have almost same relation. Of course, we took some good photos as a group in the Ulus. After Ulus trip, we analysed and stuied Sakarya area but it was a bit difficult because our university is near by the Sakarya area. That’s why as a personal opinion, doing observation was hard already know the places. However, we did this to and as indivually, we created 2 different maps each area and while doing this, we did pay attention to using right information. Here is the Ulus’s maps:




The rectangles area show to framed area which were responsible but borders of the map were not so strick. Here is Texture map of Ulus:

ulus texture


I used only rectangles and, black and gray colours to achieve and give the right information. The similar opposited colours are sharing the same information.

There is another map contains information about ‘Form’:

ulus form


The same technique used in this Form map of Ulus. The obivious and alone dark black zone is ‘Antik Tiyatro'(Antique Theatre).

Also the last step of this assignment was overlapp them those two different information maps but we will use the overlapped in the next stage.

Here is the maps of Sakarya/Kızılay area:



Here is the area which was responcible to create particular information map and my keywords are form and sound of movement. I wanted to choose at least one same word with the Ulus area. Also, the thechnique of all those maps are same and colour condition is the main design element of those compositions. Here is the map of sound of movement:

sakarya sound of movement


As a last one, here is the the map of form:

sakarya form


Finally, it was wonderful assignment to doing obversation and at the same time take some photos. The photos will be posted as soon as possible!


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