It is all about ‘SPACE’

Recently, we worked on space definition which was baby steps for architecture student. We did consider spaces rather than plan relations, tried to define space and control those spaces. We had certain keywords as a concept which was occured by diagram’s work but of course there was a chance to change them or add new keywords for the seed. We produced ‘Seed’ with the corrugated cardboards. As a definiton of Seed is initial steps of producing spaces and the important is the seed should be relatively close with the keywords. There was a popular keywords which were directionality, the core, main and subspaces etc. In the first step of the Seed, my keyword was directionality.

Here is the initial stage of the Seed.

However, directionality is not a keyword which defines certain space definition and inevitable keyword actually for each model of Seed. That’s why I wanted to change ‘directionality’ to something much more relation with the space and occur some certain definitions for the space and, govern all process of producing Seed. So my keywords became ‘Inegrity’  which means a whole, cmpleted one thing etc. I used this definition and created many space whic had relation with the each other. This seed will upgrade itself and will settle certain location in the field.

The Seed- Integrity






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Bolu Saraycık Lake – Photography

There is a wonderful lake and nature located at Bolu Saraycık which is very near to Kartalkaya Spor Center at Bolu. This place has amazing view and one of the popular place in the Bolu but local people always come here for picnic or fishing as we did. Also, this is very quiet place to rest on. Here is my photographs which are taken by different weather condition.



This photo took in the summer sunny day about 7 a.m



There was a terrible raining after this lovely moment and we could not go to down town.


These photos has a story and it was a bit challening with nature and man. Those photos taken in first light of the morning at frozing cold.

I haven’t been in this place recenlty but I hope I want to go as soon as possible. There are many wonderful places at Bolu such as Bolu-Abant, Bolu-Gölcük, Bolu-Yedigöller National Park etc. As a suggestion you should go to Bolu/Turkey and see an take photographs of those amazing views.

Section Drawing

We worked on section drawing lately. Basically, section drawing gives an iformation which cannot be seen from the outside. Actually, it is kind of expressive drawing in terms of detalied information. Hatching parts in the section drawing are giving the information of cut line passed there, more basically it can be think as a knife and surfaces which was cutted by knife has to be hatched.

section drawing part1


There are 4 section in the drawing, in my opinion the important thing is using referrence lines properly and to pay attetion line quality. Also in this work we did not care about line hiearchy because the model divided 5 parts and it is not valuable and unnecessary to give that information. Actually, I did not hatch the section parts, I painted which was not a good decision for this kind of work because paper is much more getting dirty. As a suggestion use hatch technique with 45 degree strick lines but pay attettion to use frequent lines.

METU Preparatory School Drawing

This drawing assignment was our final assignment for architectural communation technique course also, we worked on this in term of design decision and, we prepared a report which was including many information about the buildings. There are some revelant parts of report.


English Language Preparatory School of METU was completed in 2007. The architect of this project was Boran Ekinci who graduated from METU in 1987. Boran Ekinci was born in 1963 in Diyarbakır. He created his own studio and he is still working in İstanbul. METU AR-GE building, Şişli Town Hall building and Fethiye Marina are ones of the most popular and knowing projects in his unfinished career.  He won METU AR-GE competition, XI. National Architectural Awards, XIII. National Architectural Awards with Kızılağaç Houses and many others. Also he was giving to lecture in İstanbul Technique University, Yıldız Technique university and Bilgi University. The project was started in 2005 and finished in 2007 and client was Middle East Technique University Development Foundation.

Arch111 final drawing part2Arch111 final drawing part1



This is my 3D axonometric drawing and two side view which was included a whole composition. In my opinion, the hardest part in terms of techniques was windows because needs much more patient and conceration than the other parts. Also, we did not know anything about the buildings and we learned everything about the buildings such as story, techniqual drawings, architect etc. As a suggestion, if there is work which is a bit diffucult and complicated, should go to see the real building because it is much more useful rather than just looking drawings in the computer screen. There are some information about the METU Preparatory School in my report.

Firstly, about METU English Language Preparatory School buildings, my quick impression is about walls because the most striking thing is texture of walls. Texture is a very distinctive in this composition. Also walls is more different than ordinary walls because it is many function rather than only just to enclose a place. Rather than be same dimensions of enclosed area, in this composition, those walls are more longer and that’s gives a different expression of buildings. There are some opening parts or gaps on the walls in some places and those gaps are as a door and other parts just completing order with other design elements such as windows, texture and woods. In terms of functionality those parts have some specific functions and purposes such as function as a door (opening space) or just give a different expression about layering walls.Additionally, those gaps and longer walls are elements of heat insulation.

I want to compare METU Faculty of Architecture and METU English Language Preparatory School. Faculty of Architecture was completed in 1963 by Behruz Çiniçi. Faculty of Architecture buildings are in specific order and the author designed as a whole like a composition. Every building has own function but designer does not want to think as an individually buildings. That’s why METU Faculty of Architecture buildings are completing themselves and become a composition. METU English Language Preparatory School has similar attitude with Faculty Architecture. Both of them designed by as a composition, we cannot think building separately and also every building has own specific function in those compositions. Also both of them are using texture as a design element. Another comparision example is between METU AR-GE and METU English Language Preparatory School. Both of them are designed by Boran Ekinci. Two of them are different from each other in terms of structural design, design elements, transparency etc. Actually they have same design process but references attitudes are different from another and it makes them same idea but different approaches. AR-GE building is like a lighting and transparent box. However, Preparatory School is about creating controlled areas in the composition.



Architecture Portfolio

Recently, I worked on architecture student portfolio, it is highly important for me. There are many examples especially in pinterest and issuu. In my opinion, to analyse some of the examples and try to understand logic and order in succesful portfolio will be key to develop porfolio skills. That’s why I chose 3 portfolio examples, there are quite succesful and popular actually. Here is the links;

Nico Van Orshoven Architecture Student Portfolio:

Sun Kemou Architecture Portfolio:

Benoit Maranda Architecture Portfolio(University of Toronto):


PIN Architecture Competition

PIN Architecture is a monthly micro competition about specific topic. February’s topic was ‘The Permanent Form’ and I worked on it this project. The topic was actually interesting but also it was quite difficulut to expressive the idea of permanent form. So, the permanent form is basically the everything that is designed and built will eventually be destroyed some particular reasons but if there is no destruction and everything is permanent, what will happen? What happens when form becomes permanent? Competition deadline is over and there are 82 entries one of them is mine. Here is my collage about permanent form:

doğuş can kadıoğlu PINcollageFİNAL


Actually,  I am quite happy because I believe working with lines is very abstrac thing but in terms of expressive the idea, this collage is succesful of course in my opinion. In the collage, there are no certain order some parts of the lines and some parts is very clear strick order and, final parts combinitaion of those two parts.  I wanted to give the idea of some particular times and final part which is top of the collage is combination of those two permanent forms.

Check the other works of competition:!feb-2016/hp925