Practicing Architecture Photography

In the this work, we were practicing our photography skills and actually I am not good at this. We were expected take photographs and focused on some specific qualities. After couples of bad trying, I took a promosing photograph which is all about reflection and focus issue. In the draft submission, my photoshop skill was awful and I did not spend enough time to make this in proper way. This is draft submission of photo:

ass.02_Doğuşcan Kadıoğlu

I did not achieve profer way of clearing the photo and it was bad submission. Also, the effect of the photo is not correct because it is relating itself with the focus area(black part). After critical discussion hours, I realized my mistakes and I worked on same photo with the same keywords and,tried to fix it in proper way. This is my final photo about reflection and focus:

Doğuş Can Kadıoğlu

In my opinion, final submission is much more giving the idea of reflection. An architect and a well-known architectural photographer that’s why I will be very patient and try to catch and take some good photos.


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