Issue of Diagram and Collage

We were working on diagrams and collage lately and had research about what is the collage and diagram because there was common idea about diagram which was making a sketch of specific model or something. However in terms of architectural, the situation is quite different. In the first step, we were expected to concentrate on specific moments in film which given by our instructors and as a group we chose İnception movie also every group member did analyse different scenes or moment in the movie. My scene was the architect are praticing in the dream and she changed the gravity opposite direction and I analysed in spatial experince in terms of space and, did find couple keywords which were communal, direction and bending. In my diagram, I focused on bending stiuation, here is my diagram:



After this diagram work,  we worked on collage which was about our group member’s keywords and idea of collage was analysing and creating  new experince about the keywords. Actually, almost every group member focused on directionality. That’s why we created a collage which generating by spatial experince of directionality. Here is our group work diagram:



This assignment was very enjoyable and quite difficult for us because diagram issue is still confusing me and generate an idea about specific topic and, explaning with lines is not easy. However, in terms of critical thinking process is very useful.


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