Final Jury!

We worked on CoMoRo(64) project in this term. My recent post ‘Evolution of Complex Construt‘ is about process of this final project and also to give basics of process we can clearly say that CoMoRo project is all about controlling operations which are Copy, Move and Rotate. My final jury experince was wonderful actually it was so exciting. I worked on poster to summarize my process and it was very helpful for persentation. Here is the poster of Arch101 course final model;

final jury poster

In the final jury, my all design stragery, ideas and certain operations explaned in this poster and I used very much to give the right information as a visualy. That’s why this poster is very important to present your own work. It was a quite nervous environment but also fasinaciting because people who came the our jury, they did not about anything about our process and presenter should explain every steps and every design decisions. To sum up, it was a wonderful and very useful that all critic about my model and poster in the jury and, actually I cannot forget my first jury that’s why it is quite important for me.





Practicing Architecture Photography

In the this work, we were practicing our photography skills and actually I am not good at this. We were expected take photographs and focused on some specific qualities. After couples of bad trying, I took a promosing photograph which is all about reflection and focus issue. In the draft submission, my photoshop skill was awful and I did not spend enough time to make this in proper way. This is draft submission of photo:

ass.02_Doğuşcan Kadıoğlu

I did not achieve profer way of clearing the photo and it was bad submission. Also, the effect of the photo is not correct because it is relating itself with the focus area(black part). After critical discussion hours, I realized my mistakes and I worked on same photo with the same keywords and,tried to fix it in proper way. This is my final photo about reflection and focus:

Doğuş Can Kadıoğlu

In my opinion, final submission is much more giving the idea of reflection. An architect and a well-known architectural photographer that’s why I will be very patient and try to catch and take some good photos.

Issue of Diagram and Collage

We were working on diagrams and collage lately and had research about what is the collage and diagram because there was common idea about diagram which was making a sketch of specific model or something. However in terms of architectural, the situation is quite different. In the first step, we were expected to concentrate on specific moments in film which given by our instructors and as a group we chose İnception movie also every group member did analyse different scenes or moment in the movie. My scene was the architect are praticing in the dream and she changed the gravity opposite direction and I analysed in spatial experince in terms of space and, did find couple keywords which were communal, direction and bending. In my diagram, I focused on bending stiuation, here is my diagram:



After this diagram work,  we worked on collage which was about our group member’s keywords and idea of collage was analysing and creating  new experince about the keywords. Actually, almost every group member focused on directionality. That’s why we created a collage which generating by spatial experince of directionality. Here is our group work diagram:



This assignment was very enjoyable and quite difficult for us because diagram issue is still confusing me and generate an idea about specific topic and, explaning with lines is not easy. However, in terms of critical thinking process is very useful.