The Composition of Three Variable Objects

This is my first photography composition. I worked with three different variable objects which were frames,lighting conditions and positions. I chose Bera Hotel which is located in Kızılay/Ankara. It has a certain centre location between TED university and Kurtuluş Park which brings almost perceft for this work. Here is my composition:

ass05 horizontal viewFirst Variable Object; Frame:

In first photo, it’s taken by a certain angle for the best view and taken at approximately 12 a.m. Additionally there are some trees and traffic lambs which are breaking the whole composition because if you want to get rid of those objects, you have to zoom it or change the position of the camera but at both situation probably will lose of information. That’s why I chose this position and this building for the frame issue.

Second Issue; Light:

The second photo taken at 11 p.m. and gave me perceft light,ng condition because in the first photo there are no spot light and full of sun light but in this %100 opposite of it. Additionally, some unwanted elements do not completely interrupt the view. To sum up, this photo taken by lighgting condition and as a purpose it did bring the some differences.

Last object; Position:

Third photo is taken by that issue and taken by at the same lighting conditions in the first photo. I used about perpendicular angle for this case and I wanted to create a different view of the building.

Finally, it was very beatiful work for me and at the end of composition I felt almost examine the three different variable issues and that’s why I called the composition of threee different variable.


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