Regulating Lines: Report

This text is a report a part from A Towards of Architecture which is Regulating Lines.

”Regulating lines bring satisfaction to understanding and regulating is a choice.”

For example, primitive man did build some temples for their god and some shelters for their needs and afterall there was a plan of house or temple. That’s mean there was idea to gover all process from the beginning. Like this historical example, the idea is constant and it begins with primitive resources. And overall, these plans governed by mathemical calcutation. That’s why well and distribute constructs depends on measure of units. This measurement is relatively close meaning with human scale because the builder creates his own work for own needs and for that he wanted to be comfotable. That’s why human scale is main point and creates a harmony with his own proportion and afterall this is a regulating lines means. For the generally, the design depends on geometrical forms like circles,squares,axes, angles etc. That’s why we can easily see and recognize these proportions. That’s mean geometry is the language of designers. For the beginning of text primitive man’s example, the great architecture is mainly close using human instinct that coming from in the very beginnings of humanity. Today architects built ‘the villas on the Normandy dunes, the modern boulevards and the international exhibitions’. These designs are not common afterall and they looks like an alien things because they did not use their roots which is human instinct like primitive human did this. The opposite examples are Notre-Dame de Paris temple,  the Capitol in Rome,  the Petit Trianon. In each example everythings relatively depends each other and hold together like line proportion. For example, the laws of gravity, of statics and of dynamics etc. are depends each other and seems like as a whole. That’s why architects or designers must think everything as a whole and creates own work with using imagination world and some of basic rules. That’s why regulating lines are the one of the methods or technique of create necessary and basic things and, integrate human proportions as well.


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