Pure Creation of Mind: Text >Poster

We read pure creation of mind which was written by Le Corbusier, published in 1927. Also we watched a video which is Leonard Bernstein: Young People Concert’s, what does music mean. Arch111-03.assignment wants to make a digital poster about text. Poster size should be 27*27 cm and format of image has to be .jpeg. We used only keywords which are taken from by text.

I worked on text and chose approximately 10 keywords. Than there was a background issue and did search on Pinterest. I used 4 words as find a theme which are architecture,abstraction, shadows and black. Here is the my background picture:



After that, I was thinking on how can put keywords as a attractive way and I used perpendicular lines as a reference points. Here is the first step of my poster:

ass.03_doğuşcan kadıoğlu1


In this project, there are some main problems which are keywords, colours and styles. Keywords are not enough for the summary that’s why in final step I added new keywords. In colours issue; I made some changes and changed styles. Here is my last form of poster:

ass.03_doğuşcan kadıoğlu



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