Pure Creation of Mind: Report

This is about Pure creation of mind text report. Firstly, the text is part from Toward an Architecture book which was written by Le Corbusier and orginally published in 1923. The book orginal language is French, published in english in 1927 by John Goodman. Turkish version of the book is ‘Bir Mimarlığa Doğru’. As general opinion book aim is exploring the concept of modern architecture. Actually, this book as a general opinion like a manifesto for the generation of architects. That’s why Le cornusier had important effect on the architectural profession. The book has a 7 different chapter and we worked on pure creation of mind part which is 5th chapter in the book. In this chapter, mostly mentions about The Old Greek Architecture. For example, the book gives information about Acropolis’s temples and comment on it higher level of architecture. Actually in this chapter has a certain aim which is explaning Greek or Doric architecture but also gives same different and unknown information for understand to knowledge behind the structure. For example, certain writers have declared that the Doric column was inspired by a tree sprining from the earth but ıt is most false because in Grece, where stunted pines and twisted olives grow. That is a huge information about Greek architecture and idea of construct. As the book says that, architectural idea of Doric is not resembling nature, the idea is pure which means linked to nowhere. That’s why Le Corbusier tried to explain Greek architecture is the most pure creation of mind and also architects which means that. It means that architects do not resemble things or copy them,of course they have some references but at end of the process, creation is pure. I want to give a specific example which is Leonard Bernstein: Young people’s concert. In this concert had a purpose which was what does music mean actually. Bernstein knows as one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American history. This concert was not only a simple concert. For example, in the begining of concert Bernstein gives a example, there is a song played by orchestra after the song Bernstein was asking  a question about the song which is ‘what do you think that is all about?’. Young people’s answers was very simple and actually general which is cowboys, horses, the longe ranger, wild west etc. Bernstein knew the answers before he asked it because the song used for cowboys,west movies so many times. However, actually the song created by Rossini and he was Italian never saw or heard anything about West culture. Bernstein says that the song is not about cowboys in the first place, is all about notes that’s creates a combination,composition. Music is the music, has a musical meaning and never depends on any story. This is wonderful example for explain the pure creation of mind because like music, architecture never relatively connects or links any kind of story or resemble nature or something else. We can explain the architecture only using architectural terms and rules, we can not explain otherwise would be wrong. The text is all about dealing with this kinds of examples and explaining very different way, it was very harsh in first time because the language of the text was very tough but as a general comment it was a really unique and useful for understand the idea of architecture designs. Also I want to the read the turkish version of the book, I wondering. If you guys want to watch Bernstein show here is link:

And if you want to learn more details about Le Courbusier, there is link which is his biography.


This is the my first report of Arch121 course and also the first assignment.


Pure Creation of Mind: Text >Poster

We read pure creation of mind which was written by Le Corbusier, published in 1927. Also we watched a video which is Leonard Bernstein: Young People Concert’s, what does music mean. Arch111-03.assignment wants to make a digital poster about text. Poster size should be 27*27 cm and format of image has to be .jpeg. We used only keywords which are taken from by text.

I worked on text and chose approximately 10 keywords. Than there was a background issue and did search on Pinterest. I used 4 words as find a theme which are architecture,abstraction, shadows and black. Here is the my background picture:



After that, I was thinking on how can put keywords as a attractive way and I used perpendicular lines as a reference points. Here is the first step of my poster:

ass.03_doğuşcan kadıoğlu1


In this project, there are some main problems which are keywords, colours and styles. Keywords are not enough for the summary that’s why in final step I added new keywords. In colours issue; I made some changes and changed styles. Here is my last form of poster:

ass.03_doğuşcan kadıoğlu